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Get 1 on 1 support from Dr. Lisa M. Wisniewski focused on your college journey

  • Review all potential college options

  • Discuss major choices and career options

  • Review graduate school

  • Review tips of college success by a college professor

  • Email contact access in between sessions

Monthly Review

Meet with Dr. Wisniewski monthly to monitor progress and stay on track for college success!

Meet your instructor

Dr. Lisa M. Wisniewski


Lisa Wisniewski

Dr. Lisa M. Wisniewski is a university professor, author, mentor, researcher, and podcaster. She has a decade of experience in higher education. She is a faculty member who is trained in Universal Design for Learning. Dr. Wisniewski has presented her research at numerous conferences including at Harvard Law School and Oxford University. Her area of research is first generation college students, imposter syndrome, and immigrant students.

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About working with Dr. W.

Thank you


I would like to thank Dr. W. for always being there and supporting me throughout this term. Without you I would have given up.

Teacher like you


Every class should have a teacher like you. Thank you for everything-all of your positive reinforcement and hard work.



Dr. W. was there helping me with great tips of how to improve my work



Thank you again for your many lessons and all of your feedback. It was something I have not gotten a lot of before and it definitely helped me when I was struggling.

Minimize confusion, optimize clarity

Dr. Wisniewski will help you to focus on your goals

Dr. Wisniewski's passion is student success. As a professor, she has worked with hundreds of students to help them achieve their goals. In this program, you will get one on one support combined with her years of expertise. Dr. Wisniewski will clarify the college process, how this aligns with your personal goals, and minimize your confusion. You will have more time to focus on your skills and school work.